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Advanced Cognitive

Author: Antonio Lanzavecchia

According to the producer NVit the most advanced cognitive super smart pill. NVit claims to be a nootropic of a new generation which is able to be effective for your concentration and focus and to have a positive impact on your motivation, productivity, and memory. Is maximum growth and optimization in the brain your main goal? Then NVit claims to be the most efficient solution for all who want to gain positive results.

The task of our review is to provide the potential users with enough information about the product they are going to spend their money on. Let's check if you can really expect some noticeable change in your brain function after using the reviewed supplement.

To know how the supplement works we need to discover what ingredients are included into NVit. According to the producer all of them are natural and completely safe. But as the experience proves, all manufacturers present the same claims but unfortunately, not all of them keep their word to provide you with the really worthy supplement. What's about NVit? According to the available information each pill of NVit consists of the following ingredients:

Acetyl L Carnitine (HCI). It is just a form of L-carnitine. This substance must be produced by our body in a natural way. It claims to give you more energy and focus by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondrial membrane. However, it is not so safe because it can become a cause of such negative side effects as stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, and restlessness. There are also some not dangerous but very unpleasant side effects like "fishy" odor of the urine or breath, and also sweat.

Vitamin B6. There is not enough information about the effectiveness of this vitamin because it is relatively new one and is still being investigated. Moreover, researchers still can't provide the exact data that it has some important role for the brain activity. Its function hasn't been fully understood. According to the reports of some users, it can cause nausea, vomiting, stomach pain. There is also loss of appetite, headache, sleepiness, etc.

Vitamin B12. It is one more vitamin from the same B-group of vitamins. It promises to be helpful for our brain health. It claims to support the necessary level of this substance. But can it do this effectively? There is a lack of scientific research that had been proved by any studies. The good benefit is that there are no reports about its dangerous side effects.

Alpha GPC. Our brain must contain this choline compound which is being researched at the moment if it can be effective for treating some serious mental problems. But there is no enough evidence whether it can be effective for both healthy and unhealthy brain. It is not completely safe being able to lead to heartburn, headache, insomnia, dizziness, skin rash, and confusion.

Alpha Lipoic Acid. This is an antioxidant which claims to be able to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, loss of memory and a lot of other diseases. It might work for you if you don't have any serious mental problem. But you should take into account that it is not risk-free having such side effects as insomnia, fatigue, diarrhea, and skin rash. It has one warning for people with diabetes because it can lower blood sugar levels which is dangerous.

Bacopa Leaf Powder. This is a natural herb which promises to offer you a lot of benefits if taken in high doses. Its task is to boost your memory and supporting the level of dopamine and serotonergic. But the problem that high doses can cause the following side effects: stomach cramps, nausea and fatigue.

Ginkgo Leaf Powder. Ginkgo Biloba has been used here as an enhancer of your concentration which has an ability to improve your memory. But there is no evidence that it is really so great for the brain fuction. It is better to consult your doctor before taking it because it can cause stomach upset, headache, dizziness and allergic skin reactions. Ginkgo leaf extract might increase the risk of liver problems and thyroid cancers.

Oat Straw Herb Powder. It claims to be helpful for improving your concentration. But these are only claims. There is no information that it is really so beneficial.

Vinpocetine. Treat memory impairment is a goal of this ingredient which according to some reports of its users can cause stomach pain, nausea, sleep disturbances, headache, dizziness, nervousness, and flushing of the face.

L-Taurine. It is an amino acid which might give you mild effect but it can't be called a very important key ingredient.

Huperzine A. Its efficacy is questioned in some countries. This means that there is still not enough information about its ability to improve your memory.

Phosphatidylserine. It claims to treat memory loss caused by aging. But according to the FDA - "very limited scientific research provides the results about decreasing the risk of cognitive dysfunction in the elderly people.

After having researched all ingredients that are combined to work as an efficient cognitive booster we can see that not all of ingredients are completely safe. The safest are Vitamin B 12 and some herbs what can't be said about such ingredient as Ginkgo Leaf Powder, for example. Tha's why you should consult your pharmacist before taking a decision to take this supplement.

There are some reviews of NVit's users:

"I have used NVit for several weeks and found out that I have some unwanted side effects. I decided to stop using it though sometimes I felt a bit more focused. But it is not reasonable to help brain and to destroy your liver. I can't recommend it to anyone"

"Maybe I expected much from NVit but I have gained nothing that is really worth to pay for this supplement. It is better to use an ordinary vitamin complex than this supplement which can't give you the better effect"

"I would like to warn you that NVit is not only ineffective but also harmful causing a long list of side effects. My pharmacist has recommended me not to use it any longer!"

If you think that you still need this supplement then you should try to purchase it from the producer's official websites because NVit can be found in other places too. But making an order at some online store can't guarantee you that you are going to buy a genuine product. There were some situations reported when people saw the advertising about getting online coupon and buying NVit with some discount and after getting it they understood that they had been scammed.

In conclusion, it must be said that NVit is just another supplement for brain that claims to be very successful and in reality it can enhance your focus for some short-period of time according to some users.

However, there are many negative reviews when people haven't got any positive results. This can be a reason of choosing some other brain booster which has been approved by some clinical research.

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