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Problem of Premature Ejaculation

Pscent is a spray for male genitals produced by the company called APharmaceuticals, LLC, based in the USA. This product was made to help men suffering from premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse. It is said to increase the time of intercourse and the staying power. One can last longer during sex while having erection. This spray simply desensitizes the penis, which makes you not feel any sensations throughout sex. To my mind, this is not good because a man cannot enjoy sex at all. For this reason a woman may also not be completely satisfied seeing that her partner doesn't enjoy sex.

So, Pscent is a topical spray that makes you last longer by removing or significant decreasing of penis sensitivity. The product has an official website which is not informative. It tells nothing about the used ingredients, as well as possible side effects, while these two aspects are the most important for users.

Pscent is a topical spray that is meant to desensitize penis during the intercourse. It has to be applied directly to the member to reduce its sensitivity. The main ingredient of Pscent is Lidocaine. It is an anesthetic and belongs to antiarrhythmic drugs of class 1b. Lidocaine is responsible for the product's effectiveness. After local application via spraying it is absorbed by the skin of the penis.

Pscent needs to be sprayed about 10 minutes before having the intercourse. Always follow directions on the spray's label to ensure that you spray the substance equally on all the sides of your penis. It is said that Lidocaine reaches the nerve endings of the penis and calms them down. This decreases sensitivity of penis skin due to which premature ejaculation is said to occur. However, there is no scientific proof that it is the skin that is responsible for ejaculation. In fact, it is a much deeper process, to my mind. For this reason, Pscent may not be always helpful for everyone. Numbing of the skin may not save you from premature ejaculation if you have a deeper problem.

There is no guarantee that Pscent is able to reach the sensitive nerve endings in the deeper layers of the skin of the penis. Lidocaine is not a completely safe ingredient and it may have it side effects which will be discussed further.

The manufacturer of Pscent doesn't mention any side effects after the usage of the spray. However, when I made a small online research I found a lot of negative reviews left by the product's users. It should be noted that the spray isn't natural and cannot solve the problem of premature ejaculation completely. It only hides the problem. Besides, its main ingredient, Lidocaine, can cause a number of side effects.

Common side effects that occur when using Pscent include temporary redness, swelling, and stinging in the area where the product was sprayed. In case of experiencing these effects stop using the product immediately. And if these effects worsen, consult your doctor as soon as possible. You should also inform your doctor if any of the following severe side effects occur: slow or irregular heartbeat, slow or shallow breathing, and seizures.

A serious allergic reaction to Pscent occurs rare. But you are highly advised to ask for immediate medical help if you notice any of these symptoms: new or worsening itching or swelling, new or worsening rash, trouble breathing and severe dizziness. You may also experience temporary numbness or loss of erection, as well as irritation of the skin. In this case you should discontinue using Pscent and wash the penis with soapy water. If the symptoms don't subside in some time, contact a doctor. These are the most common side effects. If you have any other symptoms, contact your pharmacist.

Pscent should not be used in conjunction with any other local medications. In any case, you should consult your doctor before using this product. The latter can cause certain problems if swallowed or sprayed into the eyes. It should be applied only to the penis according to directions. You are advised to wash your hands after applying the remedy in order not to transfer it to your partner. Pscent doesn't protect from sexually transmitted diseases and should not be used when having an intercourse with a pregnant woman. Lidocaine can be unsafe in this period.

"I was unable to detect that I had even applied Pscent. There was no difference from when I don't use the product"

"I dont know how other people made it work but it didnt work for me. Pscent has been a big disappointment for me"

"Pscent just didn't work at all for me. Also the bottle doesn't seem to contain much of the content"

Pscent is available on a number of retail stores including Walmart, Amazon, and GNC, however, I would recommend to avoid buying similar product from these websites. Instead use the service of the official product's website that can guarantee that you're buying a product of the highest quality. A standard metered-dose bottle of Pscent costs $80.

I cannot recommend Pscent to usage as I am not sure that it will help you tÓ cope with the problem of early ejaculation. It can only mask the cause of this health condition. Besides, the product has a number of disadvantages. Price is the first one. For most users the spray seems to be quite costly. In fact, this price is higher than that of other products available in the modern market. As it was already mentioned, Pscent can cause many side effects and trigger a serious allergic reaction. The advantages of the product include good absorption properties and its easiness to use. The substance absorbs quickly.

Taking into account all the above information, it is necessary to say that Pscent is not that effective for the treatment of premature ejaculation. Online customer reviews on the product also prove that it is not always effective. With such a high price and serious side effects, I would not risk my health just for checking it up. Besides, the spray has only one ingredient - lidocaine - which should be cheaper. So, if you're willing to last longer in bed, look for some other products available in the modern market. I am sure you'll find a better solution for this problem.