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Viril X Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Viril X Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Viril X is a male performance enhancer that is designed to increase sexual performance levels of the user. The manufacturer claims that it is the best testosterone boosting supplement nowadays, since it is able to lift your libido and boost your sex drive to the desired levels. The supplement works in a natural way since it is composed of natural ingredients. These components are of potent nature and high quality. They are meant to deliver the promised benefits of the product by improving your sex drive and fighting erectile dysfunction. The ingredients can only be used by men who are over 18 years of age. They are claimed to have no adverse effects but we are still to check it out. Before that let's take a look at who the manufacturer of Viril X is.

Viril X is made by the company called Dignity Bio-Labs which is based in the United States. This company is not well-known or reputable in the country, though. It has a low-informative website too. It mainly focuses on the benefits of Viril X. This male enhancer not only promises to improve sex drive, but also reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction by improving the quality of erections. The product comes with some other sexual health benefits too. It comes in capsule form, which makes it easier to dose the product and to take it correctly. It can be purchased online from the official website of the company and some retail stores. It is a convenient way to get the supplement but it is not always fast. There are numerous customer reviews Viril X both positive and negative but we will focus on the in a minute. At present it is vital to discuss the product's ingredients.

Ingredients of Viril X - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

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According to the manufacturer, Viril X is a male sexual performance product composed of components that make deliver positive results by boosting testosterone production in the body. This is the main hormone in the male body that is responsible for individual physical appearance and sexual function (sex drive and performance in bed). Low levels of testosterone may cause a number of problems, which is why you may need to use a testosterone boosting supplement. We are not aware whether Viril X can improve your sexual health or promote healthy sexual relationship. To check it out we have managed to find information about the formula. This male enhancer is composed of many ingredients.

Tribulus Terrestris is one of the active components in the is responsible for making the body produce more testosterone as well as for improving your sexual drive and promoting better erections. The problem with this ingredient is that it can cause side effects. Siberian ginseng is a well-known aphrodisiac but its effectiveness still requires more research. D-Alpha Tocopherol is also known as Vitamin E. This ingredient provides the male body with essential nutrients. In some cases, it may be harmful for usage. Extract from Maca Root is an ingredient in Viril X that promotes hormonal balance, increases body energy and improves functioning of different body systems. Dichasium Phosphate is considered to be able to improve one's health status. Micro-Crystalline Cellulose is used as an activating agent in the product, which means that it improves the absorption of active ingredients found in the formula. Finally, Magnesium stearate is considered to provide essential minerals to the body.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer of Viril X does not provide any dosage information on the official website, which makes the safety and effectiveness of the ingredients really doubtful. At the same time, they may be associated with many possible side effects.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer says that Viril X is a safe product that has no harmful effects on the user's health. Since it contains some potent sex drive stimulants, it means that there is still risk of side effects. Natural ingredients do not always mean safety for usage. For example, Tribulus may cause some side effects including growth of breasts (even in men), changing blood sugar levels, lowering the level of sugar in the blood, lithium deficiencies due to diuretic properties, increased amount of urination, excessive thirst. It should be remembered that Tribulus can interact with drugs that affect blood sugar. Consult your doctor before taking it. Vitamin E found in Viril X may cause undesired reactions if taken at high doses or for a long period of time as well as Ageless Male. It may lead to tiredness, diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramps, dizziness, headache and blurred vision.

There are many testimonials left by real users of Viril X on third-party websites. Unfortunately, there are not only positive reviews but also negative ones. Many customers confess that it did not work for them even though they took this male booster as directed. One buyer complained that the product wasn't in its original packaging when it arrived. And the product didn't look original. It is high time to read actual users' reviews.

"Viril-X bottle says that it contains 60 pills but when I opened it I saw only 32 pills. Besides, the pills in the bottle were dark brown, while the image on the bottle's label shows pills that are red and white. Nevertheless, I tried the pills and did not see any change in my sexual performance. I was scared to take them more, so I sent the pills back to the company."

"VirilX is a horrible supplement. It does not only work but it has caused me an unpleasant side effect. I have taken this stuff for over thirty days and felt absolutely nothing. These pills gave me a headache a few weeks after I started taking them. They didn't help me to boost my sex drive or anything. Don't waste your money!"

"Viril X is just a "joke product". While taking these capsules, nothing good happened to my health. Besides, the pills feel like you take a piece of wood. Guys, do not buy it. Go to the doctor immediately."

Where To Buy Viril X?

The supplement can be purchased from the official website of the company. You can buy a single bottle for $59.95. But if you buy multiple bottles, you will be able to save your money. The three-bottle pack is priced at $125.85 ($41.95 per bottle), while a six-bottles package costs $197.70 ($32.95 per bottle). The official website does not offer a free trial.

My Final Summary

Viril X appears to have too many disadvantages. It is completely ineffective for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation issues. The product fails to enhance sexual performance of many users who have left their reviews online. The product is associated with a number of side effects. Few details are provided on the manufacturer. The official website lacks full ingredients information. Many people complain that the company gives inaccurate claims about the supplement. There is lack of evidence to prove the effectiveness of this product. It can only be bought online. The only advantages of these pills is that they are easy to use and that you don't have to take this supplement on a daily basis. If you need to fight erectile dysfunction or any other sexual issues, I don't think that Viril X will be of any help to you. I cannot recommend this supplement to using.

Affordable Alternative

Many doctors consider that the problem can be well solved by another product known as Testogen. I completely agree with them because I study many products of the kind! I recommend you reading my review about Testogen. You'll be pleasantly surprised.